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Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung mantra.
Ra means "Sun", Ma - Moon, Da - Earth, Sa - Cosmos, Say – Absolute Infinity, So Hung – I am you.

What is a "woman"? What does it mean to be a woman? How does it feel to be a woman?

That's what this collection is about – something you cannot see, touch or take a photo of – catching an imponderable feeling of being a woman. And this feeling, like a huge tsunami wave, can overwhelm and smash you or it can raise you, inspire and make you fall in love. No words can answer what SHE is but I try to catch and express this feeling through my works. And by looking at them, you'll feel confidence and love.

That's how you'll know you are HER. Thinking about what a woman is and how it feels like to be one, I close my eyes and allow feelings to go through me. I "turn off" my sense and maximize my sensibility to find that woman in me.
Who is she? What is she?
She is tenderness.
She is lightness.
She is force.
She is courage.
She is love.
She is the light.
She is the continuation.
She is the beginning And she is enough.
Just as she is.

Working in watercolors on canvas is my way to stop controlling my mind and set my inner self free. The paint is spreading over the surface. Easily. Vividly. I don't mind it; I just keep watching and guiding it until it finds its own shape.

You are the beginning.
You are the continuation.
You are an infinite resource.

You are full of love
Taking myself to pieces. Spending some time alone, I start looking for my inner self. It takes time. And it takes courage. We all have our own shoes to walk in, and after a mile or so, we find ourselves carrying a heavy baggage of time, knowledge, hellos and goodbyes, things and feelings. If asked who I am, would I know what to answer? NO. Definitely not. Could this be because I have never asked myself that question?

SEEKING OUT. Do you know what it feels like to be completely enthralled by illusions or to be lost in other people's judgments about who you are, what's your worth, how you should behave and is it enough for you to be just the way you are?! And right there, you start looking through your long-carried baggage; the one that you've been cherishing, the one you thought was you. And you are gazing into the faces, trying to find your own worth and beauty in people that are not you. You want to see their inner charm and the shedding light of a soul. You want to see it not with your eyes but with your heart.

At first, I was desperately looking for the answers in others. I truly believed that if I found something – anything – in them, I would understand what's in me. But now I get it: We all are a REFLECTION. I can only see what I already have. Inside of ME. That's why I'm starting my journey to become confident about my beauty and my worth. And I start it HERE. On canvas.

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