"Canvas is like glasses for me, through which I see the world as it wants to be, without shrinking into dense matter. Or as a portal that my palms open, allowing other worlds to show themselves here.
In my work, I identify two main areas:
The first is internal research. Working with the Body. Observing one's own processes, how the body changes, consciousness changes, maturation occurs, mistakes are made and how the Will breaks, and after that, a new framework is built. The main question I ask myself here is WHO am I? I get the answers on canvas through watercolor. The process of work is multi-layered, pencil, watercolor, pastel, gold. Each layer overlaps the other, but not drowning out, but only emphasizing the importance of each, forming a whole work, as in life, experience forms a personality
The second is an external study. Working with Worlds. The dense physical - manifested world, and the subtle sensual – unmanifested world, which is almost always open to children and forgotten by adults. It is often called fantasy and imagination, and the ancestors translated it into images, myths and legends, so that even an adult could approach the border and interact with the subtle world. The main question I ask myself here is WHERE am I? The answers come to the canvas, through the contrast of materials: transparent watercolor and dense oil."

Diana Larina